I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Next Step Dance Studio Recital 2020

Franklin Saber Center 


Thurs., June 11, a mandatory dress rehearsal for all Next Step dancers participating in Show II & III, at The Franklin Saber Center – see dress rehearsal schedule for your dancers time slot.  Come to the Saber Center in your costume, wearing street shoes (bring dance shoes to put on backstage). Girls should have make-up on (red lipstick, brown eye shadow, mascara & a little blush), hair in a bun-no bangs. Dress rehearsal is closed; spectators are not allowed in the theater.  Parents may wait for their child in the lobby. Only Next Step staff are allowed backstage from 30 minutes prior to the show and stay until the end of the show. All dancers MUST stay for the entire show & need to be backstage 15 minutes before show.

Fri., June 12, mandatory dress rehearsal for Show I

4:30-6 pm All Sr Company Dancers / 6-6:30 pm ALL Jr & Crew Dancers

7:30 pm Show I:  Be backstage by 7:00 pm. Dancers participating are: All Sr/Jr Co/Crew, Petite Acro Sat 8:30, Pointe (pre/beg/adv). 

Sat., June 13 Show II at 1:30 pm Be backstage by 1:15 pm. Dancers participating are: Sr Co Production, TS I Mon 4:45 pm / TS II Mon 5:30 pm / TS III Mon 6:15 pm / Petite Hip Hop Mon 5 pm / Int. Jazz Mon 6:30 pm / Int. Ballet Mon 7:15 pm / Int Tap Mon 8 pm / TBabies Wed 5:45 pm / TS II Wed 6:15 pm / HS Jazz Wed 8 pm / HS Lyrical Wed 8:45 pm / Petite Ballet I Thurs 5 pm / Petite Jazz I Thurs 5:45 pm / Petite Tap Thurs. 6:30 pm / Int Hip Hop Thurs 5:45 pm / MS & HS Hip Hop Thurs 7:15 pm / Daddy Daughter Show II

Sat., June 13, Show III at 3:30 pm Be backstage by 3:15 pm. Dancers participating are: Sr Co Production, TBabies Tues 10 am / TS I Tues 10:30 am / Petite Ballet Tues 6:15 pm (no combo dancers) / Petite Combo Tap Tues 5:45 pm with Petite Tap Tues 5:30 pm / Petite Combo Jazz Tues 5:45  with Petite Jazz Tues 7 pm / Pet Lyrical I & II Tues 4:45 pm / TS III Tues 5:30 pm / TAcro Jazz Tues 6:15 pm / MS Jazz Tues 8:30 / MS Lyrical Tues 7:45 pm / TS I Wed 5 pm / TBabies Sat 9 am / TS I Sat 9:30 am / TS II Sat 10:15 am / TAcro Jazz Sat 11 am / Petite Ballet Sat 9 am / Petite Jazz Hip Hop Sat 9:45 am / Daddy Daughter Show III

Recital tickets:May 22 ticket sales begin for Next Step families.  Beginning May 29, tickets will be available to the general public. Online ticket sales end June 8. Any unsold tickets will be available for purchase at the theatre before each show for $18. If you need ADA (wheel chair) seating, please let us know asap so we may accommodate you. ADA seating needs to be purchased through Next Step prior to show.

DanceBug recital memories: you will receive an email, approximately 3 weeks after show, with the passcode to view all recital shows. 

Late Arrival Policy: Performances start at the time stated on your ticket.  If you arrive late and the performance has begun, ushers will seat you where it will be least disruptive to the audience and performers.  

Picture week schedule:  Professional Photographer will be at the studio May 19-20.  No regular classes will be held May 19-23. Note: regular classes will be held on Mon., May 18.  All dancers come in costume, have their pictures taken & then are dismissed. See picture schedule for your dancers time slot. If the day/time does not fit into your schedule, you are invited to have your individual picture taken on another day that Photographer is at the studio.

Recital T-Shirts:  Our Recital T-Shirts featuring- I Wanna Dance With Somebody logo on the front & all dancers names on the back.  T-Shirts will be available at the studio at the beginning of May for $25 – while supplies last.

10 & 15 Years Of Dancing & High School Seniors: You will be notified by March 15, requesting pictures to display at the recital.  If you have not received an email, please let us know by April 1 so you may be included in our program.

Regular Classes held on Mon May 18, 2020
No Classes May 19-25, 2020
Picture Schedule Tues May 19 & Wed May 20, 2020
Come to studio in costume during your time slot, have picture taken & then are dismissed

Picture Day May 19 Picture Time Class
Tues 4:45-5:00 Twinkle Star I Mon 4:45 pm
Tues 4:45-5:00 Petite Lyrical I & II Tues 4:45
Tues 5:00-5:30 Petite Hip Hop I Mon 5 pm
Tues 5:00-5:30 Twinkle Babies Tues 10 am
Tues 5:00-5:30 Twinkle Star II Mon 5:30
Tues 5:30-6:00 Petite Tap II Tues 5:30 and Pet. Jazz Tue. 7 pm/Come in your Tap Costume bring Jazz
Tues 5:30-6:00 Twinkle Star III Tues 5:30
Tues 5:30-6:00 Petite Combo II with Jazz Tues 5:45 pm  Tap & Jazz/Come in your Tap costume
Tues 5:30-6:00 Petite Ballet II Tues 6:15 (plus combo dancers)
Tues 6:15-6:45 Twinkle Star I Tues 10:30 am
Tues 6:15-6:45 Petite Jazz/Hip Hop I Sat 9:45  am
Tues 6:15-6:45 Twinkle Star III Mon 6:15
Tues 6:15-6:45 Intermediate Ballet Mon 7:15
Tues 6:15-6:45 Intermediate Tap Mon 8 pm
Tues 6:45-7:15 Twinkle Star Acro/Jazz Tues 6:15
Tues 6:45-7:15 Intermediate Jazz/Lyrical Mon 6:30
Tues 6:45-7:15 MS Lyrical Tues 7:45
Tues 6:45-7:15 MS Jazz Tues 8:30
Tues 6:45-7:15 MS & HS Hip Hop Thurs 7:15
Tues 6:45-7:15 Hip Hop Crew Thurs 6:30
Tues 6:45-7:15 Intermediate Hip Hop Thurs 5:45
Tues 7:15-7:45 Pointe – Advanced Tues 8:15
Tues 7:15-7:45 Pointe – Advanced Wed 6 pm
Tues 7:15-7:45 Pointe – Beginning Wed 5 pm
Tues 7:15-7:45 Pointe – Pre Wed 5 pm
Tues 7:45-8:45 Sr Co III Adv all dances
Picture Day May 20 Picture Time Class
Wed 5:00-5:15 Twinkle Star I Wed 5 pm
Wed 5:00-5:15 Petite Ballet I Thurs 5 pm
Wed 5:15-5:45 Twinkle Star II Sat 10:15 am
Wed 5:15-5:45 Twinkle Star II Wed 6:15 pm
Wed 5:15-5:45 Petite Tap I Thurs 6:30
Wed 5:15-5:45 Twinkle Babies Wed. 5:45 pm
Wed 6:00-6:30 Twinkle Star Acro/Jazz Sat 11 am
Wed 6:00-6:30 Twinkle Babies Sat 9 am
Wed 6:00-6:30 Petite Jazz I Thurs 5:45 pm
Wed 6:00-6:30 Twinkle Star I Sat 9:30 am
Wed 6:30-7:00 Petite Ballet I Sat 9 am
Wed 6:30-7:00 HS Jazz Wed 8 pm
Wed 6:30-7:00 HS Lyrical Wed 8:45
Wed 6:45-7:15 Jr Co I all dances
Wed 7:00-8:00 Jr Co II all dances
Wed 7:30-8:30 Sr Co III all dances

Next Step Dance Studio Dress Rehearsal  

At Franklin Saber Center


Dancers come in their recital costume and bring dance shoes. Please drop your child off at the designated area at least 15 minutes before scheduled time; only volunteer room mothers and dancers are to remain in the dressing rooms. Parents may wait in the lobby area. Dancers will remain in the dressing rooms until a Next Step Staff member comes to take dancers to the stage area. No food or beverage other than water is allowed backstage. When a class is dismissed, the room mother/helper will take the dancers to the lobby area and release the dancers to their parents. ALL Twinkle Star Dancers will be released only to parents. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020     

  • 5-5:30 pm Orchestra Room –dress rehearsal for Show II (performing Sat. June 13 at 1:30 pm)

Twinkle Babies  (Wed. 5:45 pm)

Twinkle Star I   (Mon. 4:45 pm)

Twinkle Star II  (Mon. 5:30 pm, Wed. 6:15 pm)

Twinkle Star III (Mon. 6:15 pm)


5:30-5:45 pm Show II Daddy Daughter Dancers

  • 5:45-6:15 pm Orchestra Room-dress rehearsal for Show III (performing Sat. June 13 at 3:30 pm

Twinkle Babies (Tues. 10 am & Sat. 9 am)

Twinkle Star I   (Tues. 10:30 am, & Sat. 9:30 am & Wed. 5 pm)

Twinkle Star II  (Sat. 10:15 am)

Twinkle Star III (Tues. 5:30 pm)

Twinkle Star Jazz/Acro (Tues. 6:15 pm & Sat. 11 am)


6:15-6:30 pm Show III Daddy Daughter Dancers

  • 6:45-7:30 pm Orchestra Room  –dress rehearsal for Show III (performing Sat.June 13 at 3:30 pm

Petite Ballet (Tues. 6:15 pm)     Petite Jazz (Tues. 7 pm) Petite Tap (Tues. 5:30 pm)

Petite Combo-Jazz (Tues. 5:45 pm)

Petite Combo-Tap (Tues. 5:30 pm) 

Petite Ballet (Sat. 9 am)         Petite Jazz Hip Hop (Sat. 9:45 am)

Petite Lyrical (Tues. 4:45 pm)

Middle School Jazz (Tues. 8:30 pm) 

Middle School Lyrical (Tues. 7:45 pm)  

  • 7:30-8:30 pm Orchestra Room–dress rehearsal for Show II (performing Sat. June 13 at  1:30 pm)

Petite Ballet (Thurs. 5 pm)     Petite Jazz (Thurs. 5:45 pm)   Petite Tap (Thurs. 6:30 pm)

Int. Jazz (Mon. 6:30 pm)         Int. Ballet (Mon. 7:15 pm) Int. Tap (Mon. 8 pm)

High School Jazz (Wed. 8 pm)       High School Lyrical (Wed, 8:45 pm)

Petite Hip Hop (Mon. 5 pm) 

Int. Hip Hop (Thurs. 5:45 pm)

MS & HS Hip Hop (Thurs. 7:15 pm)


Friday June 12, 2020 Dress Rehearsal for Show I (performing Fri. June 12 at  7:30 pm) 

4:30-6 pm Senior Company (all dances plus Ballet, Pointe, Pre-pointe, Acro. Performing production in Show II & III)

6-6:30 pm Junior & Crew 

Daddy Daughter Dance 

Dancers ages 3-12 years old who want to experience a dance with their Daddy onstage!  

The Daddy/Daughter dance is an experience that will last a lifetime!  Spending time at rehearsal and working through choreography with your daughter is never time wasted.  The memories of class are as significant as performing the actual dance on stage in front of an audience. This time with your daughter is for you and your daughter… it is unique, important and very special.  All rehearsals are “Closed”, meaning Moms, friends, and family may not watch the daddy daughter rehearsals.

For the June recital performance, the dancers wear a white dress and the dads wear black pants and white shirt.  Since we know it can be frustrating locating a white dress we will have one available for you to order at additional expense ($65).  Please let us know at time of registration if you would like to purchase the dress.

Dancers must be 3 years of age by January 1, 2020 to participate.  We will have 2 different groups (Show II and Show III)

There will be 5 rehearsals on the following dates:

Sat., March 7-Show II:  1:30-2 pm Show III: 2:15-2:45 pm at studio
Sat., April 18 -Show II:  12:30-1 pm Show III: 1:15-1:45 pm at studio
Sat., May 2   -Show II: 12:30-1 pm    Show III: 1:15-1:45 pm at studio
Sat., May 30 -Show II:  12:30-1 pm Show III: 1:15-1:45 pm at studio
Thurs., June 11 Dress Rehearsal at Franklin Saber Center
for Show II 5:30-5:45 pm/Show III 6:15-6:30 pm 

We realize that many dads have busy schedules, however, rehearsal attendance is very important. 

Register for Daddy Daughter Mini Session online through your parent portal. 

Deadline is March 1 as we have limited spots.

Next Step Dance Studio

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